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Whippers and Foam Canisters

PreGel's exclusive ServIce® line of equipment and serveware covers a wide range of supply needs from mixing buckets and pitchers to frozen pop supplies and insulated to-go containers. All of PreGel’s unique and efficient supply solutions are competitively priced and offer dessertpreneurs the opportunity to bring the full realm of their culinary imaginations to fruition.
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iSi® Funnel & Sieve
Item No. 193000 Out of stock
0 0 0
iSi® Gourmet Whip (1 pint)
Item No. 193200 Low stock
0 0 0 Height 9-1/4" x Width 3-3/16" (height w/o any of the tips)
iSi® Gourmet Whip (1 quart)
Item No. 193300 Out of stock
0 0 0
iSi® Gourmet Whip (1/2 pint)
Item No. 193100 Low stock
0 0 0 Height 8" x Width 3" (height w/o any tips)
iSi® Stainless Steel Decorator Tips
Item No. 193500 Low stock
0 0 0 Tips range in length from 2-1/2" to 2-15/16
iSi® Thermo Whip (1 pint)
Item No. 193600 Low stock
0 0 0 Height 10" x Width 3-15/16" (height measured without any tips)
iSi® Thermo Xpress Whip (1 quart)
Item No. 193700 Low stock
0 0 0 13-3/4" H x 8-1/16" L x 5" W (Thermo Whip and Stand together)