Pastry & Confections

Featured in PreGel’s dynamic Pastry & Confections line are the prestigious Five Star Chef ingredients, including flavoring Pastes, Compounds, and Instant Dessert Bases, which produce high-end results with minimal preparation. Designed for chefs in need of superior dessert solutions that offer scratch-made taste and artisanal presentation, these products deliver the results every passionate chef seeks.

Pastry Bases & Instant Bases

PreGel Pastry Base products are quintessential ingredients in powder form for the creation of customized specialty desserts, pastries and confections. The overall goal of our bases is to streamline production while maintaining the highest standards.

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Pastry Stabilizers & Texture Improvers

Pastry Stabilizers and texture improvers preserve shelf-life, and improve the structure and stability of desserts. PreGel Texture Improvers are key for obtaining optimal texture in frozen dessert recipes affected by the amount of fats, sugar, water, and flavor utilized. PreGel Stabilizers increase viscosity, improve the smoothness of the product body, and prevent ice crystal formation and melting.

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Pastry Flavorings

PreGel’s premier flavor pastes and compounds are intense flavorings for cream- and milk-based frozen desserts, fruit-based applications known as sorbetto, or dairy-free gelato, and pastry. Composed of PreGel Traditional Pastes, Fortefrutto® fruit pastes, and 5-Star Chef Pastry Select™ Pastes and Compounds, all flavoring ingredients can be used in both frozen and bake environments.

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Pastry Variegates, Toppings & Coatings

PreGel’s Arabeschi® and Toppings are fillings and sauces that allow for the creation of exceptional flavor combinations, diverse textural components, and attention-grabbing visual appeal. Our Arabeschi®, Variegates, Toppings and Inclusions are characterized by their nontraditional flavors and tastes, and crunchy particulates throughout. Both can be used in frozen and bake environments, and provide multifaceted uses such as pastry toppings, pastry fillings and pastry inclusions.

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The right garnish has the capability to improve even the most perfect dessert. PreGel’s collection of pastry and confection garnishes add flavor, décor, and a bit more majesty to every dessert.

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