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Cups and Lids

PreGel's exclusive ServIce® line of equipment and serveware covers a wide range of supply needs from mixing buckets and pitchers to frozen pop supplies and insulated to-go containers. All of PreGel’s unique and efficient supply solutions are competitively priced and offer dessertpreneurs the opportunity to bring the full realm of their culinary imaginations to fruition.
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12 oz. Clear Dome Lid
Item No. IP112-L In stock
1000 Pieces 0 2.20 Plastic
12 oz. Food Container
Item No. IP112 In stock
1000 0 2.20 Paper
16 oz. Dome Lid
Item No. IP116-L In stock
1000 Pieces 0 2.20 Plastic
16 oz. Food Container
Item No. IP116 In stock
500 case 0 2.20 Paper
Duo Cup
Item No. POL92900 In stock
100 0 0 Width 3.4" x Length 5.7 Plastic
Formafina Medium Cup
Item No. FF150 In stock
0 0 0 Height 1-3/4" x Width 3-1/2" (at opening) Plastic
Formafina Small Cup
Item No. FF100 In stock
1200 0 0 Height 1-1/2" x Width 3-1/8" (at opening) Plastic
GSI Cup 4.1 oz Green
Item No. GSIVivid4.1 Out of Stock
2000 0 0 Top Width 2.9", Bottom Width 2.4", Height 1.8 Paper
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GSI Cup 2.7 oz. Coral
Item No. GSIVivid3 In stock
2250 0 0 Width - 2-3/4" top, 2-3/8" bottom, Height - 1-1/8" interior, 1-1/2" exterior Paper