Soft Serve Ice Cream

PreGel’s soft serve powder base mixes and flavorings offer convenience and consistency while maintaining the highest quality standards. The instant flavored powdered bases offer dessert makers an even more simple two-step success strategy that produces artisanal frozen desserts. The mixes are composed of essential ingredients including base, flavor, and sugar or sweetener, therefore only requiring the addition of milk or water. The ease of the product line removes the need for measuring and allows for the same smooth, dense mouthfeel and consistency every time.

Soft Serve Bases

PreGel Soft Serve Ice Cream Bases provide the necessary foundation to promote optimal consistency, creaminess, and texture in ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and soft serve. The powder soft serve base mixes offer ease-of-use while maintaining the highest quality for your soft serve ice cream.

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Soft Serve Bases with Flavorings

PreGel’s Soft Serve Bases with Flavor included offer dessert makers looking for a more streamlined product, a simple two-step success strategy that produces instant soft serve. The powder mix includes the base, flavor, and sugar, therefore only requiring the addition of milk or water.

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Always Fresco

PreGel’s Always Fresco and Always Fresco Fruit bases are groundbreaking, shelf-stable powdered mixes that only require the addition of water to create the fresh-made, creamy, and flavorful experience of soft gelato or sorbetto from any soft serve machine. No batch freezer or display case is required.

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Soft Serve Flavorings

PreGel’s premier flavor pastes and compounds for soft serve ice cream are intense flavorings for cream and milk-based soft serve or fruit-based soft serve. PreGel Traditional Pastes are used for creamy flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate and our Fortefrutto® fruit pastes are used for fresh fruity flavors such as strawberry and passionfruit and more!

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Variegates, Toppings & Coatings

PreGel’s Arabeschi® and Toppings are fillings and sauces that allow for the creation of exceptional flavor combinations, diverse textural components, and attention-grabbing visual appeal. Our Arabeschi® and Toppings are characterized by their nontraditional flavors and tastes, and crunchy particulates throughout. Both can be used in frozen and bake environments, and provide multifaceted uses

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