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Other Equipment Supplies

From equipment that creates specialty beverages to innovative kitchen accessories that produce sweet or savory panini applications, PreGel’s inventory of MACHINES & MACHINE SUPPLIES are efficient, innovative and don’t require much counter space. Sanitizing tablets and food grade lube also occupy this list of necessary goods.
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Food Grade Lube
Item No. 391005 In stock
125 tube 0 0
Green Label Sanitizer Kit
Item No. 391007 Low stock
1 0 0
Immersion Blender
Item No. 126300 Low stock
0 0 0 22.4" Height x 5" Width x 5.5" Length
Stera-Sheen Sanitizing Packets
Item No. 391006 In stock
100 0 0
Valor 1000 Compact Precision Scale
Item No. OHA V11P6 Low stock
1 0 0 4.3" H x 10" W x 12" L