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Stabilizers and emulsifiers, especially in frozen desserts, is a MUST to preserve shelf-life, and improve the structure and stability of frozen desserts to prevent iciness or rapid melting. PreGel Texture Improvers are key for obtaining optimal texture in frozen dessert recipes affected by the amount of fats, sugar, water, and flavor utilized. PreGel Stabilizers increase viscosity, improve the smoothness of the product body, and prevent ice crystal formation and melting.
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Dextrose (Sweetening Agent) - 55 lb bag
Item No. 83612 In stock
1 Bag 25 55 As needed Y Y Y Y N Y N N N
Item No. 302032 In stock
12 Bag 1 2.20 0.52oz (15g) / 33.8oz (1 liter) of gelato or sorbetto mix Y Y Y N N Y N N HotCold This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that contains products with peanuts & derivatives, wheat/gluten, egg products, dairy, soy products and tree nuts & derivatives. We strongly recommend that consumers always read the ingredient statement for the most current information.